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Tiny Box

$2 / month

9 pocketbooks, 3-5 swimsuits, 250 polaroids

(8"x 6"x 4")

Small Box

$4 / month

1 dresser drawer, 

8-10 pants, 20-30 books

(12"x 12"x 9")

Medium Box

$7 / month

4-6 dresser drawers,  30 pairs of shoes, 10-20 framed photos  

(18"x 18"x 16")

Large Box

$8 / month

5-8 dresser drawers, tool box, 2 vintage suitcases

(18"x 18"x 24")

Singlebox Pricing

The Singlebox



we believe in decluttering, downsizing, and having enough space to think


we believe not all possessions deserve to be a roommate


 we believe every space would be better off with an extra closet


we believe austin, texas is the best city in the world


we believe in recycling, donating, and anything that can make space


we believe things should not own people


we believe the best closet is the one that takes up no space aka (your virtual closet)


we believe if home isn't your favorite place, it isn't home